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Gregg Taylor

Occupational Therapist, Partner

Gregg graduated from New York University in 1994 and began his career in both inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation settings.  Within his first year as a practicing occupational therapist he became Acting Chief of the Occupational Therapy Department.  Following the progression of his career he obtained a position as Assistant Director of Rehabilitation in a sub-acute rehab facility.  He was instrumental in program development and further enhanced his treatment skills by maintaining an active caseload of patients.  As time passed, Gregg realized that the therapy treatment in the sub-acute setting was geared toward simulating how a patient would function in their homes upon discharge.  He became intrigued with the need to provide treatment is the actual patient's homes and sought a position in traditional Medicare part A homecare setting.  Soon after, he realized that many patients required further therapy at time of discharge and faced many challenges to access the care. He began to research options for patients, discussed these options with his colleague and they decided to form Coastal Home Rehabilitation, a comprehensive interdisciplinary therapy company that serves the Medicare Part B population in the patient homes.

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