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Osteoarthritis Treatment for Elderly

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Osteoarthritis treatment typically can include physical therapy and/or occupational therapy. Arthritis is a condition that results in stiff and painful joints. Patients usually avoid movements that increases pain which exacerbates symptoms. Physical and Occupational therapy encourage movement which is beneficial to the patient.

Recovery Treatments Offered

A Physical Therapist and/or Occupational Therapist will instruct the patient on exercises to decrease stiffness without causing further injury. Unfortunately there is no specific cure for osteoarthritis. However your therapy team can provide pain relieving techniques to allow you to optimize your function.


Occupational therapy can provide exercises, joint protection techniques, home adaptations, and adaptive equipment needs to alleviate the arthritic symptoms.

Physical Therapists provide exercises designed to promote the strength and use of your joints. The exercises are intended to increase range of motion and facilitate strength gains. Physical Therapists may recommend walking aids and instruct on limiting weight bearing forces on your joints.

Optimal range of motion is key to progressing the ability to perform daily activities and walking. Building strength in the involved muscles surrounding the joint also is extremely important, since stronger muscles stabilize a weakened joint.

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