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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy plays an important role in all phases of healing, from the initial diagnosis through the stages of recovery and rehabilitation. It is sometimes a standalone option, or it may support other treatments. Physical therapy is usually recommended by doctors, but some patients seek therapy by themselves.

At Home Physical Therapy
What to Expect
from a Physical Therapist?

When you visit a physical therapist or seek consultation for in-home physical therapy, you can expect to:

  • Undergo a complete physical exam and evaluation, including detailed health history and some testing procedures to assess movement and flexibility

  • Receive a clinical diagnosis, prognosis, care instructions, and short/long-term goals

  • Receive at-home physical therapy treatment based on the therapist’s evaluation and diagnosis

  • Receive some helpful recommendations for self-management

Geriatric physical therapy can help older patients that have reduced mobility and physical function due to conditions, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, balance disorders, hip and joint replacement, and Alzheimer’s disease. This type of treatment can restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve physical fitness levels in the patients.
of Physical Therapy

The answer to your question, ‘who is the best physical therapist near me?’ is Coastal Home Rehabilitation. If you are looking for physical therapy in New Jersey, then we will provide a compassionate, hands-on physical therapist for you. You will get qualified care from our experts in a safe, caring atmosphere.

Based on the reason for treatment, you can get several benefits from physical therapy:

  • Pain management with reduced dependency on opioids

  • Avoiding surgery

  • Recovery from an injury/trauma

  • Recovery from stroke or even paralysis

  • Preventing falls

  • Improved balance, mobility, and movement

  • Management of geriatric medical problems

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