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4 Benefits of Having Speech Therapy Online

Updated: Jan 20

Speech therapy is an effective means of identifying and easing the discomforts of the elderly, suffering from the inability to speak and swallow. Speech-Language Pathologists mainly focus on voice, cognition and language, and provide treatment to help the person communicate and make safe decisions, according to experts at Coastal Home Rehab.

Seniors might often require immediate medical help or assistance during emergencies. Therefore, it is crucial for them to be able to reason and express their thoughts clearly. Take a look at a few other excellent benefits of seeking speech therapy sessions online for your aging parents or grandparents.

1. Helps Reduce Age Related Diseases

About 50 million people across the globe suffer from dementia and it is a major cause of dependency among older people, according to data released by the World Health Organization. Dysphagia is a common occurrence in the elderly and increases by 27% in people above the age of 76. Other common problems among seniors are Parkinson's disease, Aphasia and Dysarthria, to name a few. These issues, along with language problems, can be effectively treated with speech therapy online or in person.

2. Accent Reduction

Therapy induces an improvement in the ability to express ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings. The words and phrases become intelligible, so it can be easily understood by family members and healthcare professionals. The vocal quality also improves to a great extent, which helps regain lost social skills and quality of life.

3. Reduced Stuttering

Approximately 3 million Americans stutter, which can be a lifelong issue, mainly caused by head trauma or brain injury, according to an article published by the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Seniors might begin to stutter due to severe degenerative conditions, medication changes, confusion and past anxieties and uncertainties. This could lead to refusal to communicate, due to embarrassment. Speech therapy can help by providing tongue strengthening exercises. Consistent sessions can improve the stuttering to an extent where it might become completely non-existent.

4. Eliminate Voice Disorders

Seniors suffering from hoarse or cracked voices can greatly benefit from speech therapy. Vocalization improves through therapy, which avoids frequent pitch breakages. It can also cure resonance disorders caused from hyper nasality, hypo nasality and blockages in the vocal tract.

With the appropriate online therapy, the elderly can overcome low confidence levels and participate in social activities more frequently. It can reduce anxiety and help them communicate well regarding any physical discomfort. Make sure to choose the right therapist to learn more about treatments and their benefits.


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