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How Online Speech Therapy for Adults is as Effective as In-Person Therapy

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

How Online Speech Therapy for Adults is as Effective as In-Person Therapy

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for telehealth. The uptake is further fueled by favorable consumer perception and tangible investment in this field with a goal of improved healthcare access, affordability and outcome. The global telehealth and telemedicine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 37.7% to reach $191.7 billion by 2025 from approximately $38.7 billion in 2020. These figures indicate that online intervention can be as good as in-person treatments. Telepractice in particular has proven to be an effective delivery method for speech therapy in more than 40 academic studies.

The outcomes ease the symptoms as accurately as via traditional methods. Family members can be involved in the process. You can expect the same level of care and attention as well. In fact, it is a better option for patients in remote areas. It is because easy accessibility is an added advantage with top-tier medical treatment. Here’s a look at why online speech therapy is as beneficial as face-to-face sessions.

Licensed Professionals

Speech therapy will be conducted by qualified speech pathologists depending on your condition and treatment to ensure the best results. This is regardless of the mode of treatment, in-person or online. So, you can still gain fluency in speech, increase self-confidence and enhance your problem-solving ability without having to step out of the home. You will receive consistent support, similar to physical visits, to improve the quality of your life. Simply call to set up an appointment and get started.

Clinical Epidemiology & Global Health: Speech Language Disorders

Offers Similar or Better Regularity

Online therapy is as disciplined and systematic as physical sessions. In fact, patients have better access since there are no missed appointments due to weather conditions or unforeseen events. The therapy includes swallowing exercise, mouth exercise and breathing exercise that can treat stuttering and articulation disorders. So, the frequency of sessions is extremely important for speech-related issues. An intense level of support and more practice at regular intervals reduce difficulties and boost patient performance.

Still Protects Your Privacy

Doctors keep your files and records private. The same is true for online sessions. Therapists will be protective of personal details with the same HIPAA standards as in walk-in sessions. These will include client names, birthdays and anniversaries, email, appointment data and insurances, if any. It might also include sensitive data related to speech delays, stuttering and voice issues. Work with a reputed speed therapist who will ensure no breach of confidentiality at any cost. Information is entrusted by one person to another and the ‘limits’ will be set according to the wish of the patient.

The Cost is the Same

Online appointments usually cost as much as in-person ones. Insurance companies previously covered physical therapies in the pre-pandemic world. But insurance providers expanded their in-network options for online sessions too after the corona crisis. So, talking to your therapist becomes all the most affordable. Do check with your insurance partner beforehand and figure out if it is included in your policy. You will eliminate unnecessary expenses of travel or childcare too. Simply log in at your time for the speech training.

All you require is a steady internet connection and a smart device. Speech therapy works well via live chats and video calls since the patient is in a familiar setting at home. Being calm and relaxed and amid loved ones can get the best results in no time.


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