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Why Teletherapy is the Best Option During COVID-19?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

COVID-19 appears to have changed the way we live and work forever. Despite the economy having reopened since June 2020, the threat of infection hasn’t declined. Coronavirus cases continue to surge across the United States, and it is still advisable to avoid close contact with people outside the home. Even with the roll out of the vaccine, social distancing and strict hygiene measures are still recommended.

In such an environment, many of those who require regular treatment have resorted to teletherapy. Here, therapy is delivered via an online platform, operated by qualified medical professionals, while being secure and easily accessible by the elderly, according to experts at Coastal Home Rehab. Take a look at how it could prove beneficial for you.

Increased Safety

Stepping out of the house amid an ongoing pandemic is risky for the elderly. Teletherapy allows you to receive the required support from the comfort of your home. This way you are also ensuring better public health, by slowing the spread of infections in the community. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with a stable internet connection.


Online therapy is fairy affordable and can be covered by insurance companies, just like traditional treatment plans, according to an article by Verywell Mind. Further, there might be lower overhead costs for medical professionals. This makes it easy to offer treatment to those who have suffered monetary crises due to the pandemic. Also, you do not have to commute to the clinic, which also saves travel expenses and time.

High-End Privacy

Online therapy ensures utmost privacy, just like conventional face-to-face sessions. In fact, therapists are ethically and legally bound to not share details about their clients with third parties through recordings, unless they have the explicit permission of their patient, according to an article by Positive Psychology. So, rest assured that confidentiality will be maintained with fully encrypted software.


Many of us might be working double shifts or extra jobs to bolster our finances during this time of crisis. A teletherapy session lets you schedule appointments as per your convenience. You can also set up an emergency log-in, if seniors require immediate attention for osteoarthritis, general deconditioning or walking difficulties. The entire process is well managed for clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.


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